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MLD in Canada

Grace Dedinsky is the director of the Dr. Vodder School - International which oversees the Dr. Vodder training program in North America. She overtook from Mr. Robert Harris the Vodderschool International in  March 2020.

Robert Harris is still teaching for us. He completed his training with Prof. Hildegard and Guenther Wittlinger at the Dr. Vodder Schule in Austria in 1984. There are 10 certified practical instructors affiliated with the Dr. Vodder School - International as well as internationally recognized medical instructors.

In addition to North America, Dr. Vodder School - International instructors hold courses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and Ireland. All courses follow the same international program and all practical instructors are certified by the Dr. Vodder School to teach the original method of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage.

Further Information about Courses in Canada

Please contact www.vodderschool.com