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Lymphdrainage Courses in Israel

Yehezkel Yado, Physiotherapist, Graduated at the Tel Aviv University, practices the Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage since 1994, and teaches the method (basic & therapy 1 levels) since 1998.

He has teaching experience in Israel, Germany and Austria. He treats patients in a private clinic, and for ´Clalit´ and ´Maccabi´ health services in Tel Aviv.

In Israel, Yehezkel teachs Physiotherapists the combined decongestive lymphedema therapy at the Vodder method, and cosmeticians for face and neck courses. 

All courses are taught in the original Dr. Vodder technique, in co-operation with the Dr. Vodder School in Austria. MLD/CDT Course for physiotherapists, organised by the Israeli Physiotherapy Society. Location: Assaf Harofe Medical center Physiotherapy School.

For more information about courses in Israel, please contact: www.ipts.org.il

Yehezkel Yado

49a Rash’I st. Tel Aviv 
Tel. +972 3-6200855 
Mobile: +972 52-2931097 
E-mail: y_yado@walla.com